NFTs are just another (complex) form of micropayment, and as you observe, both flat-rate subscriptions and per-item micropayments generally lead to poor value propositions. A better answer is a simple innovation in the pricing model, a value-based "risk-free" subscription that adapts to however many or few items you want from any service (or portfolio of services) to set a fair and affordable price. Details in "Risk-Free" Subscriptions to The Celestial Jukebox.

You point to just how this misses the most important point: “…agreeing on what constitutes the collective good is very hard indeed.”

No private company can be permitted to attempt that, even under the most careful regulation - especially in a democracy. We need a free market in filters from a diversity of providers - for users to choose from. In that way, our marketplace of ideas - composed of assemblages of human actors - can decide, as we have done for centuries. As you say, people SHOULD be trusted. That is why we need to FREE OUR FEEDS!

There are proposals to do just that – and Twitter is investigating that in its Bluesky initiative. I recently posted a summary of notable proposals along those lines from several sources (at - soon to expanded and updated).

[Update 4/1: A slightly expanded comment is now a separate story on Medium.]

Richard Reisman

Author of FairPay | Pioneer of Digital Services | Inventor, Innovator & Futurist

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