Are You Covidscuous? Have you been swapping air with those who are?

Covidscuous, adj. (co-vid-skyoo-us), Covidscuity, n. — definition: demonstrating or implying an undiscriminating or unselective approach; indiscriminate or casual — in regard to Covid contagion risks to oneself and those around one.

We seem to lack a word for…

NFTs are just another (complex) form of micropayment, and as you observe, both flat-rate subscriptions and per-item micropayments generally lead to poor value propositions. A better answer is a simple innovation in the pricing model, a value-based "risk-free" subscription that adapts to however many or few items you want from any service (or portfolio of services) to set a fair and affordable price. Details in "Risk-Free" Subscriptions to The Celestial Jukebox.

Richard Reisman

Author of FairPay | Pioneer of Digital Services | Inventor, Innovator & Futurist

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